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We are a business management consultancy helping clients invest in change, implement sustainable strategies, and execute high-performing projects.

We believe in a people-centric culture that fosters collaboration, leadership and growth.

We value honesty, confidentiality, agility and action.

Business Management Services

Strategy & Operations

Taking practical actions to incentivize group success, and foster an ROI-focused management style. 

Marketing & Communications 

Building and strengthening particular capabilities and enablers for business and brand growth. 

Projects Management Services 

Need Project Management Resources?

Companies with a Project Management Office (PMO) function tend to be more successful at completing their projects and meeting their target budgets and goals. 

PMOs are increasingly being entrusted with more strategic responsibilities. 

Why? Because a PMO can provide consensus, guidance, and oversight, making sure that your overall procedures, practices, and operations are carried out pragmatically and effectively. Even if your organization has existing project teams, you may still require external expertise who can take on a more strategic role of aligning project portfolios, monitoring progress and efforts.

Projects Management for Businesses

A project management office function assumes a variety of roles within the organization. This model illustrates the various roles where we can apply our PMO expertise to support any organization.  

Our scope of work includes goals definition and establishing the objectives you want to achieve with your strategy and planning, taking into consideration your audience - who you are targeting and how you will reach them. Developing the strategy and creating a plan of action. Implementing the action plan, monitor progress and evaluate results, make adjustments as needed. 

Design & Construction Management 

Design and construction management is a complex field that requires a variety of skills and knowledge. The project team should be knowledgeable in all aspects of the project, from the initial conception to the completion. In addition, your team should have the ability to manage a wide range of stakeholders, from architects to contractors. 

Our Scope of work includes conceptual & schematic designs, client presentations, project sales and marketing presentations, design development, design and construction supervision, post construction and close-out.

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