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WEMANIGIT is a business consultancy providing advisory and management consulting services to organizations in the private and public sectors. We are pragmatic in our approach and have the right mix of skills and expertise to help our clients define and solve problems to achieve better results. We believe in a people-centric culture that fosters collaboration, leadership and growth. We value honesty, confidentiality, agility and action.

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Management Consultancy Services

If business management is not your core competency, or you lack the resources, or you’re looking for an external, impartial party to do the work, we can help you build sustainable strategies and apply actionable plans that can optimize and transform the way you work.

+ Growth Strategy

+ Marketing & Communications Strategy

+ Process Improvement and Efficiency Planning

+ PMO Solutions & Projects Management

+ Strategic Alignment

+ Impact Monitoring and Analytics

+ Capacity Building and Mentorship

+ Specialty Services - Design & Construction Supervision

We serve local government offices, private businesses and non profit organizations based in the North Western Pennsylvania region.

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Project Management Office (PMO) Solutions

Companies with a PMO function tend to be more successful at completing their projects and meeting their target budgets and goals.

PMOs are increasingly being entrusted with more strategic responsibilities. Why? Because a PMO can provide consensus, guidance, and oversight, making sure that your overall procedures, practices, and operations are carried out pragmatically and effectively. Even if your organization has existing project teams, you may still require external expertise who can take on a more strategic role of aligning project portfolios, monitoring progress and efforts.

Projects Management Office Functions

A projects management office function assumes a variety of roles within the organization. This model illustrates the various roles where we can apply our PMO expertise to support any organization. However it does not display a comprehensive scope of work. After all, your project management scope should be tailored to your own organization's unique requirements and capabilities.

Specialty Services:

Project Management, Design & Construction Supervision

The owner of WEMANIGIT has over 20 years of local and international experience in the industry and works with clients on project management, design and construction supervision services.

If you need help with a small addition/renovation, or are building a team for a large mixed use project, contact us.

Capacity Building and Mentorship Services

Capacity building is a process for strengthening the management and governance of an organization. It involves developing the skills, mindsets, abilities, and resources needed in order to survive and thrive in a constantly-changing environment.

Our capacity building services help businesses reach the greatest level of output they can achieve while providing a service or product.

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